Eminem - First Latin American Show - On Sale Now!

Eminem battled adverse weather conditions at his first ever appearance in South America.

Thunder, lightening, wind and torrential rain provided the backdrop to the rap superstar’s first ever appearance in Latin America, when the rapper played a blistering 90 minute set at F1 Rocks with LG in São Paulo at the Jockey Club on November 5th.

Battling with the elements, soaked to the skin and standing ankle on the water-logged stage, the 38-year old rapper gave a thrilling performance in front of 25,000 adoring Brazilian fans, who braved the adverse conditions to show their appreciation with almost deafening enthusiasm.

While opening acts N*E*R*D and Brazilian rap star Marcelo D2 enjoyed more clement weather conditions, the skies opened just prior to Eminem’s performance, which was delayed by 30 minutes while organisers secured the stage.

Despite loss of power due to the driving rain and winds, which rendered the on stage video screen useless throughout his performance, the Eminem carried on regardless until his closing song, the Oscar winning ‘Lose Yourself’.

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